How to maintain your Metal Sheeted roof


Metal Sheeted Roof Eco Rubber is proudly manufactured in South Africa, for the South African climate. Metal sheeted roofs are great investments that significantly enhance the external and internal value of a structure. The maintenance of your metal sheeted roof can be improved through the following tips and tricks: Inspect the roof on a regular … Read more

How to ensure Worker Safety while working on rooftops

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Worker Safety on Rooftops Site operations require different safety constraints and safety guidelines. When workers are setting up an operation, predominantly on rooftops it should be noted that a different set of procedures and guidelines should be set out. Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure worker safety on rooftops: Work during good … Read more

What are the benefits of Rubber Coating and Waterproofing?

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Rubber coating is a widely used process of coating in various applications. This protective coating is applied onto or impregnated into a substrate or an object for protective, decorative or functional purposes. Of great importance in the selection of coating materials, is the rubber coating medium. This type of coating is utilized on many elastomeric … Read more

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