How Rubber Coating Saves You Money

Rubber coating is a coating system that creates a membrane over your roof. This membrane protects your roof from many things such as corrosion, water damage and mould. Rubber coating your roof is the money saver that you want and need.

Roof Protection

The obvious reason for using a rubber coating is the fact that it protects your roof from harm. You will not have to constantly spend money on replacing corroded tiles or filling gaps where the water seeps in. You’re saving money by preventing future problems.

It’s Flexible

Once set, the rubber coating is flexible. This means that it won’t crack or tear if your roof moves or expands because of weather conditions. This means that the chance of the rubber coating becoming highly worn or damaged is unlikely. The flexibility of the rubber coating saves you money on repairs, even though repairs are inexpensive.

Easily Repairable

Repairing rubber coating is a quick and inexpensive task. Luckily, you don’t have to replace the entire coating. The rubber coating can easily be fixed with some caulk and two optional extras; a cloth and a putty knife. A small amount of caulk needs to be applied to the roof and then spread across the damaged piece of coating.

You can Recoat

The great thing about the rubber coating is that is doesn’t have to be taken off to be redone. A second coat can simply be applied over the first one after a couple of years. This will save you time and money on labour and roof repairs. The second coating will then keep your roof in good condition for years to come.

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