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What makes our product unique

Rubber Coating Technologies is a proudly South African business, established in 2005. And has developed into a dependable company over the past 13 years. Our applications are nationally renowned as well.

Performance benefits

Superior Performing Membrane

Significant installation cost savings for customer

Environmentally friendly and safe

Tough membranes

Resists damage from:

Highly elastomer modified polymer emulsions – tough, flexible, and sticks to the surface.

All products are user safe

Superior Performing Membrane

Various applications

1. Roof Covering

2. Metal Sheeted Roofs

3. Tiled Roofs

4. Asbestos / Nutech Roofs

5. Concrete Slab Roofs

6. Civil Construction – Foundations

7. Rubber Membranes

8. Wooden Roof Structures

Produces an excellent Waterproofing fully adhered coating for:

9. Rehabilitation of Gutters

Health & Safety

Rubber Coating Technologies loves life , It’s people and the environment. Therefore it is the mission of the company, owners and management to protect it’s people and others around them together with the environment. The company pledges that it will do anything practically possible to live by this culture of respect for life and the environment.


To have well trained employees, that understand the price of compromise and will know what effect it will have on human life and that of nature. Employees that will identify hazards and can manage it to decrease the probability of any challenge to safety.

Steps of Action

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