How to ensure Worker Safety while working on rooftops

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Worker Safety on Rooftops

Site operations require different safety constraints and safety guidelines. When workers are setting up an operation, predominantly on rooftops it should be noted that a different set of procedures and guidelines should be set out.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure worker safety on rooftops:

  1. Work during good weather conditions

Aspects such as heavy rainfall will most certainly cause a hindrance on operations. On to the most extreme case, harsh ultra violet rays might impair the workers ability to function through the working environment.

  1. Wear the appropriate safety gear

Components such as gloves, eye-wear and stable boots are required to ensure the safety.

  1. Carefully position the ropes and extension cords

It should be important to position the ladders, ropes and extension cords to ensure worker safety.

  1. Ladders should be stable and properly secured or tied off

One of the most important aspects of the rooftop fitting and maintenance, ladders should be secured on stable grounds in order to ensure that the workers are safe throughout. Ladders are required to be stabilised according to the length and height of the roof specifications.

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